WorkFridge – Magic

WorkFridge is an innovation that is nothing short of magic. The minute you have it, your life changes and you influence the change of so many lives. You have such peace of mind that you would have never imagined. WorkFridge is a technology is changing the way offices procure, manage and replenish their supplies and consumables inventory. This innovation was born to solve so many pain points that we have become accustomed to the point that we have decided to accept it.

Vision And Mission

To create an impact on the planet by way of reducing consumption of natural resources, reducing industrial pollution and transporting less. The mission is to reduce consumption of materials in office and to promote eco-friendly products.


WorkFridge is built by a team that has built many successful ventures before. This venture is special; it was born out of deep concern for the future generations. This business is beyond financials, this is about giving back to mother earth.

Satish Kumar M.G.

BE (Electrical and Electronics Engineering)

Invaluable experience of building startups into major players, an outstanding communicator, with accomplished negotiation skills, he delves into thinking ‘outside the box’ to find appropriate solution.

Managing Director of Entask  Consultancy, a leading MEP Design  Consultancy Company. Promoter of Third Eye, mPowerSolar and Escencia.

Dr. Jayaraman Vijay Shankar

Ph.D. BITS Pilani; Dr.-Ing (Post Doc), University of Freiburg/Fraunhofer ISE Germany, Sc.D-Tech, KIT Germany and distinguished lifetime fellowship of “Joseph Von Fraunhofer Fellow inPower Electronics” from Fraunhofer ISE Germany.

Leadership and chief architect positions in the field Of Energy, Software and Electronics. 

Mahesha Godekere

Master of Technology in Instrumentation, University of Mysore; Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics, University of Bangalore.

Accomplished technologist with 2 decades of experience in conceptualizing, architecting, developing, and deploying large scale, mission-critical and high transaction enterprise applications.

Mahendra Venkatesh

BE (Computer science) Expert in negotiations and sourcing.

15+ Years of Experience in running family owned retail chain in Shrinagar 

Sreedhar Challa (Advisory Board)

Qualification: MBA(Andhra University),LLB(Osmania University) EGP Programmes at ISB, Wharton and Kellog School of management

His expertise is in private wealth management, Corporate Financial advisory and key growth advisory

Key management positions at corporate level in many financial and wealth management institutions

John Powath (Advisory Board)

Partner, Inventive Bussiness Partners

Partner at Inventive Business Partners. He is an expert in Marketing, Business Consulting and Cross Border Tax Consulting.

Jacob Mathew (Advisory Board)

Co-Founder and Principal Consultant, Idiom Design & Consulting Ltd

He is expert in Design. Use business design to incubate and strengthen social enterprises.